• Purpose-Driven Development

    At Health Hero, we're on a mission to build the future of fun, digital health engagement, and Web3-AI. We believe that by working together with the developer community, we can create experiences that will empower millions of people to take control of their health and well-being. Our platform is built on the latest in web3 technology and is designed to be flexible, extensible, and scalable. We offer a wide range of features and integrations that are designed to meet the needs of developers, healthcare providers, and patients alike. One of the key features of our platform is our API, which allows developers to access a wide range of health activity data. This data can be used to build integrations and applications that will help people stay healthy and engaged. To get started, all you need to do is register a developer account. Once you've done that, you'll be able to access our API documentation and start building your own integrations and applications.

    Game Developer or looking to start a company? Visit: https://goplatform.io/

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  • Grant Program


    Our grant program is designed to provide funding and resources to promising projects and teams in the digital health ecosystem. We're looking for innovative ideas and talented individuals who are working to push the boundaries of what's possible out there.


    General Guidelines

    Retention 40%+ on day 1 and 17%+ on day 7
    # Users 1K+ (for a 7-day campaign)
    Average engagement 3 minutes+
    The cost to acquire a user < $1
    The average revenue per user > $1


    Grant Distribution

    20%: 50 MAU & 1 unique health attribute
    20%: 100 MAU & 2 more health attributes
    60%: 1000 MAU & 2 more health attributes

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    Individuals & small teams

    Amount: Up to $10,000 worth of $HLTHY
    Requirements: 2 approvals
    Benefits: Feedback during the application process and evaluation, introduction to related teams/projects

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    Amount: Up to $30,000 worth of $HLTHY
    Requirements: 3 approvals
    Benefits: All of the above + co-promotion, Grants Program badge, fast track to Go! Builders Program

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    Companies & Foundations 

    Amount: Unlimited $HLTHY
    Requirements: 5 approvals (for >$100k: Go! Foundation Council approval + Pitch call)
    Benefits: All of the above + VC introductions

  • Get Started!

    To request an API key, the following minimum criteria must be met:

    1. A valid email (no fake emails, no fake company emails)

    2. Please provide a short description of what are you planning on using our APIs for (this info is required when you apply for a key).

    3. Please agree to use the Health Hero API in a manner that does not exceed a reasonable request volume.

    Many of the best ideas we’ve funded were ones that surprised us, not ones we were waiting for. There are, however, some health experiences that we’re very interested in seeing. Ask us about our Requests for X (RFX), which outline some of those ideas in general terms. Please don’t feel that you need to work on one of these ideas in order to apply to our programs. The great majority of products and teams we fund will continue to be the sort of companies we’ve funded in the past. If that’s what you wanted to do before reading this post, keep doing it. Also, you shouldn’t build an experience just because it’s on this list. The RFX mostly exists to encourage you to apply if you’re already working on an idea in one of these areas.

    1. Build apps and games that matter

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      Electronic Health Records Integrations

      Apple Health

      Samsung Health

      Oracle Cerner




      Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

      Salesforce Healthcloud

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      Google Chat

      Microsoft Teams










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      Augmented and Virtual Reality

      Fun Quiz Games

      Gamification Widgets




      Well-being inspired versions of popular video games

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      Basic Needs


      Meal delivery

      Social services

      Medical services


      Mental Health



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      Employee Wellness




      Journeys & Quests


      Health Risk Assessment

      Landing Pages

      Educational Content

      Mobile Experiences

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      Health Plans

      Telehealth & Mental Health

      Food Reimbursement

      Discharge Instructions

      Home health

      Customer Onboarding UX


      Billing codes


    2. Where we are going

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